Ballroom Dancing in Baton Rouge


Tips on Floorcraft and Courtesies

For about ten years, in the monthly bulletin "Ballrooming in BR," Dancin' Dan offered suggestions regarding dance floor safety, courtesies, and conventional floorcraft.  The following list provides a summary of Dan's most frequent reminders.  They are offered as  guidelines from the consensus of ballroom dancers and teachers everywhere, thus representing part of the universal culture and class of ballroom dancing.

◊  While music is playing, the dance floor is for dancers only.  Standing on the floor or walking across it among the dancers is discourteous and dangerous.

◊  In the smooth dances, gentlemen lead their partners in the "line of dance," the counterclockwise track around the perimeter of the floor. They avoid moves that stop in the line of dance or that move against the line of dance. 

◊  The inner portion of the dance floor is reserved for spot and hesitating patterns.  Avoid dancing across the inner portion of the floor unless it is clear of other couples.  

◊  No one steps onto a dance floor with a drink or cigarette in hand.

◊  Where the seating is at tables, a gentleman will dance with each lady at his table at least once during the party.  He escorts each partner to the floor and back to her seat.  The partners always express their appreciation for the dance. 

◊  Ladies are welcome and encouraged to ask gentlemen to dance. 



Tyler Warino and Kristen Plaisance at

Gumbo Championships 2011.

Photo by Bogdan Oporowski.


















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